- Implemented a "no_effect" effect, for use in random-lists.
- "has_claims"のconditionを追加した。指定されたキャラクターが何かの要求(claim)を持っている場合に真(true)となる。
- "remove_claim"のeffectを追加した。そのキャラクターが持つ一番古い要求(claim)を取り除く。
- 今や"relation"のイベント効果(event effect)は、指定された国と対象のキャラクター(target character)との関係を変化させる(type = relation for = <target> value = <change>)
- Implemented a "previous_char" target that reflects back to the former char.
- Implemented a "relation" condition that checks the relation of the targeted characters country versus the character getting the event. (type = relation value = X ).   (ie, inside a csc or other scope change)
- Implemented a "save_target" condition which saves that target for current event execution.
- Added a "load_target" target that gets the currently saved target from that event execution.
- Added a "has_target" condition that returns true if a target has been saved in the conditions.
- イベントコマンド、"make_friend", "make_rival", "lose_friend", "lose_rival" を追加
- Implemented "any_friend" & "any_rival" csc conditions.
- Added a "is_friend" and "is_rival" which checks current scope character versus the character recieving event.
- "num_friends", "num_rivals" のconditionを追加。指定値より大きい(more than value)と真となる(type = num_friends value = <x>)
- Implemented a "random_list" effect type.  For using 1 out of N random options.
- Implemented a "type = form_of_government value = feudal/republican/ecclestical/knight_order" trigger. It only works in character scope.
- "leave_court"のeffectは、希望したキャラクターを取り除くようになった。
- 以下のような(人数/数に関する)conditionを追加した。num_total_vassals, num_count_vassals, num_duke_vassals, num_king_titles, num_duke_titles, size_of_demesne, num_of_children, num_of_sons, num_of_daughters, num_enemies,  num_courtiers, num_allies.(封臣、封臣としている伯爵、封臣としている公爵、王位、公爵位、直轄領、子供、息子、娘、敵、廷臣、同盟)
- "random_fosterling"をtargetとして追加。
- has_fosterling"の conditionを追加。
- Implemented "is_target" condition that returns true if current character is saved as a target.
- Implemented "is_receiver" condition that returns true if the current character is the one that got the event.
- Added two csc scopes for conditions. "any_neighbour" for any neighbour ruler, and "any_neighbour_realm" for the rulers of any realm  that is neighbour to current realm.
- Implemented a "target_csc".


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