前回の開発日記のスレッド上でいくらかの議論と興味をもってくれた人がいたので、HOI3 For the Motherlandからいったん離れてキャラクターの肖像かを決める仕組みがどのようなものか話そうと思う。描写面での質問があったら実際にその仕事をしているダーネイバンが答えられるので、ここではより技術的な側面に重点を置いて話をしようと思う。ここにあるすべての画像はすべてそこまで進歩しているというわけではないが、このあとでさらに改良がくわえられ追加される要素があるということを心にとめてほしい。

Since there was some discussions and curious people in the last dev diary thread I thought I should take a break from HOI3: For the Motherland and describe how the character portrait system works. If there are any art questions perhaps Danevang who is doing the actual art can answer those for you, I will focus more on the technical aspects. Remember that all of these pictures are still very much in progress and things will change and a lot of things will be added.

基本付箋(The primordial goo)


The way a character looks is based on two things: inheritance (we call this DNA) and other factors (we call these properties). Your DNA is created when you are born and cant be changed. Its a mix of your characters parents DNA plus a small "mutation chance" to simulate genes from ancestors and to make people look different despite not having millions of characters. Properties on the other hand change during a characters lifetime depending on traits, social status etc.

 たとえば、DNAはthe big 'ol familyのポテト鼻とブロンドの髪を引き継いでいるかどうかを決め、(もしそうでなければ、父親が忙しく聖戦に赴いている間の妻としての義務が果たされていたのか疑念が湧くかもしれない)特質はどんな髪型を好むか、もし王位にあるなら王冠をかぶか、さらにどれくらい服に装飾をするかを決めるだろう。

For example DNA will tell if you inherited the big 'ol family potato nose and blond hair (and if not it might cast some suspicions on what your mom was up to while your dad was busy crusading) and properties will tell what kind of hair style you prefer and if you are likely to wear a crown because you're king and how fancy your clothes are.


Currently there are 11 DNA genes and 6 properties for each character, but its not unlikely that we will increase these during the project.


Below is a picture showing inheritance, sadly none of our female portraits are ready for showing yet so I'v shown only the male line:

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