Welcome to Crusader Kings II   −クルセーダーキングスII へようこそ-

Crusader kings ii is a grand strategy game set in Medieval Europe,

North Africa, and the Middle East, spanning the centuries from the prelude to Hastings in September of 1066 all the way to the fall of the Byzantine Empire in May of 1453. You can drop into the game at any point.

Crusader Kings II は、1066年9月のヘイスティングスの序曲から、

Refight the Hundred Years War. Lead the Reconquista of Spain from mountainous
Navarre. Ride forth to Manzikert with your cataphracts. Can you stop the Turk?


The game represents the economic, political, religious, and social aspects of the Middle Ages in an astoundingly intricate and accurate manner.
Recreate history or charge off into infinite alternate possibilities.
The choice is yours.


While everything happens in ‘real time,’ this is RTS unlike any you have
seen before. The Paradox Interactive line of games is grand strategy in the
finest sense of the word, and in Crusader Kings II, you must carefully balance
the power of your demesne, the desires of your vassals, and the will of the
Pope as you walk a delicate tightrope between obscurity and glory, between
empire and collapse.
You can control the destiny of any of hundreds of historical dynasties as
they seek to rise from the chaos of the Dark Ages and dominate the politics
of Medieval Europe. Perhaps your Rhinelander prince seeks to gain the
Imperial Crown of the Holy Roman Empire. Or perhaps your dynasty will
storm the Holy Land, carving a New Kingdom of Jerusalem from the lands
of the infidels. Will your Russian princes, the sons of Rurik, stand before the
Mongol Hordes? Can you unite the Holy Roman Empire as it never was in
our 17:05:50 Will your English kings finally overcome all resistance, adding the
Crown of France to their list of titles?
You will not be able to ‘conquer the world,’ bound as you are to the feudal
system, but you can make your power and authority felt in any given generation.
You see, unlike any other Paradox game, it is personal this time. It is
your family, your dynasty, who you will trace and lead through the centuries
as they seek to claw their way to the top of the feudal pyramid and stake their
claim as Crusader Kings.

About Paradox Interactive   −パラドックスインタラクティブについて-

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Installation   −インストール-

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