Greetings friends, 'tis I, Doomdark, your faithful purveyor of hopes and dreams!

 今月は、忠誠心といったものを知らず、恥知らずにも金で雇われてサービスを提供する連中について話そうと思う。いや、私は売春婦のことを言っているのではない。いや、政治家たちのことでもない。私が言っているのは、もちろん、傭兵たちのことだ! 勇敢で思慮深いこれらの職業軍人たちは、クルセイダーキングス2の時代、常備軍にもっとも近い存在だった。このゲームでは、傭兵部隊は事前に決められた数だけ、十分な対価に応じて誰でも雇うことができる。(異端や異教で無いかぎり―傭兵にも限界はある)払った対価に応じて、彼らは忠実に戦う。そして正規の徴募兵とはちがって、彼らはゆっくりではあるが増強さえされる。彼らは安価ではない。そして、主君の苦境は彼らの対価にはならない。もっともよいときでも、対価が払われなければ傭兵たちは単純に主君を見捨てる。悪いときは、彼らは敵側に逃げる。不満をもった傭兵の頭目たちは雇い主の領土を奪い取ろうと試みるだろう(たとえば、Victual Brothers兵団は実際にバルト海のゴットランド島を占領した)。

This month, I shall speak of those who know no loyalties and would shamelessly sell their services for money. No, I don't mean prostitutes. No, not politicians either. I am speaking, of course, of mercenaries! Brave, yet prudent, these companies of professional soldiers were the closest thing to standing armies around for much of the Crusader Kings II period. In the game, there are a number of predefined mercenary regiments that can be hired by anyone with sufficient funds (though not heathens and infidels - there are limits, even for soldiers of fortune.) As long as they get paid, they will fight loyally, and, unlike regular levies, they even reinforce, albeit slowly. They do not come cheap however, and woe to the lord who cannot pay their fee. At best, mercenaries who do not get paid will simply abandon their employer. At worst, they will defect to the enemy. Some disgruntled but enterprising condottieri might even attempt to seize land to call their own (as, for example, the Victual Brothers actually did with the island of Gotland in the Baltic Sea.)


Yes, mercenaries can seize territory, at which point they start acting like regular states. This brings us to the in may ways similar, but rather more pious, knightly orders. These humble soldiers of God can be hired not for gold, but for Piety. However, they will not fight brothers of the faith, and they will request ownership of the holdings that they seize (acceding is a very pious act). Landed mercenaries will retain their standing army, though it will no longer reinforce (eventually, it might thus be lost), and everyone will have a Casus Belli on them. Landed Holy Orders can still freely call on their main force, however. (If lost, they can raise it again through a special decision.) Similarly, the Byzantines have access to the Varangian Guard, which is treated much like a "vassal" mercenary force.


Should a mercenary regiment or a Holy Order lose its last holding, it will return to being a landless entity available for hire.

Here's a bonus screenie of what occupation looks like in the terrain map mode.


That's all for now. Next month, plots and intrigue (unless I change my mind!)

Henrik Fåhraeus, Associate Producer and CKII Project Lead


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